Crafts At The Cathedral

    23rd Annual Crafts at the Cathedral

Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine

New York City
December 1 – 3  2023

 Applications Available on ZAPP

Application Deadline:   April 30, 2023
Notification Date:          May 20, 2023 


You are Invited to apply to New York City’s Premier Juried Fine Crafts Festival 

Crafts at the Cathedral, takes place in the center of the nave and most of the crossing of the world’s largest gothic cathedral. Now in its 25th year, the show moved into the Cathedral in 2017 and was greatly expanded.  Exhibitors and craft show enthusiasts continue to be awed by the new location. The Cathedral is of enormous scale and beauty. The floors in the nave of green Vermont slate, the soaring columns, the gothic arches, spectacular stained glass windows--St John the Divine is overwhelming in its beauty. What better location to show off your work?  The Cathedral is a prime tourist destination. Situated on the bustling Upper West Side just south of Columbia University, Teacher’s College, Jewish and Union Theological Seminaries and the Manhattan School of Music, visits are highest during the holiday season.  Crafts at the Cathedral is now a Cathedral Signature Event.

kaim ceramics

                                                           Ilona Kaim                                                   


We are especially excited to be partnering with Richard and Joanna Rothbard and An American Craftsman Galleries whose prior productions include American Fine Craft Show at Brooklyn Museum, Art Festival at Rockefeller Center, and The Berkshires Arts Festival. Their expertise will assure that this year’s relaunch will be a phenomenal success for the Cathedral and all the artists in the show

The Cathedral is a prime tourist destination, of enormous scale and beauty. The floors in the nave are of green Vermont slate-- the soaring columns, the gothic arches, spectacular stained-glass windows--St John the Divine is overwhelming in its grandeur Situated on the bustling Upper West Side just south of Columbia University, Teacher’s College, Jewish and Union Theological Seminaries and the Manhattan School of Music. Visits to the Cathedral are highest during the holiday season. What better location to show off your work?

Qualifying Exhibitors: The show is open to North American craft artists in all media who design and produce their own work. Imports, commercially mass-produced items, T-shirts, items produced from kits and assembled beads will not be accepted. Wearable art must be sewn by the exhibitor. Exhibits must consist only of work handcrafted by the artist.
Items judged by the organizers to be inconsistent with the kind or quality of work represented in the application must be removed on request of the organizers.

Exhibitors who have not applied 
nor been accepted as jewelers

may not show jewelry without written permission from the organizers.

Booth Spaces & Fees:
There are 100 booths on a single floor. Booth sizes are 10 x 10, 10 x 15, and 10 x 20.

 All booths must be enclosed on three sides except for corner booths, which must be enclosed on two sides.  All materials must conform to New York City fire code. 

Rusty Dorrphillips
             Rusty Dorr                          Nicholas & Susan Phillips     


Show Fees:

Application fee:                                  $40.00 (non-refundable)
Booth, 10 x 10                                     $685 (includes electricity)
Booth, 10 x 15                                      $1027.00
Booth 10 x 20                                       $1370.00
Corner booth fee                                +150.00 (includes electricity)
Tables (6 or 8 ft)                                    $40.00 each
Chairs                                                           No charge
Discount Publicity Postcards.         No charge

Lighting: All Booths Include 600 Watts of Electricity 

Professional lighting/ track lighting and Led spot light bulbs are  highly recommended.  ** LIGHTING STANDARDS- Light Your Booth!!!! Cathedral overhead lighting is VERY limited. Not acceptable are  industrial clamp on lights and household light bulbs. All wires must be hidden or neatly arranged with wire ties

 Booth sharing is permitted under some circumstances. However, each exhibitor must be juried separately, and the booth display must be integrated and pleasing. There is a $50 share fee for 2 exhibitors to share a single booth  $175 additional share fee for booths shared by 3 or more exhibitors. 

Refunds and Cancellation fees: Cancellations prior to Sept 24 incur a $150 cancellation fee. If cancellation is made later than Sept. 24 no refunds will be issued.

 Expected attendance: As the only remaining juried craft show in New York City during the holiday season, Crafts at the Cathedral has a large and growing following from throughout New York City as well as in Brooklyn, Queens, Westchester, and New Jersey and beyond. Anticipated attendance is between 5-6,000 paid admission.

Promotion: An aggressive marketing  campaign will be mounted  in metro   NYC and its suburbs; including distribution of thousands of postcards, press releases to television and news media, electronic advertising, and social media. Radio spots on WNYC and WQXR will be purchased. Emails to American Craftsman’s 17,000 metro NYC clients will support our media efforts. We encourage exhibitors to work their mailing lists and to use Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook as much as possible. 

Amenities: Free coffee, tea and other beverages are available to exhibitors throughout the show. A café will be operating during show hours. The coordinators will have a team of volunteers ready to booth-sit for those who are exhibiting alone and need a short break. Security will be on-site throughout the fair. One of the seven chapels will be used for storage during the show and locked up overnight. Parking on the cathedral grounds is not available. Street parking is possible provided exhibitors observe rules for alternate side of the street parking. Information on local garages is available on our website.

Ecards and post cards will be available to all exhibitors.

*** In addition to volunteers, porters will be available to assist in load in and tear down.


Admission: $15 daily, $18.00 weekend pass. Students $10 and Seniors $12.00

Loading & Unloading: Set-up and break-down. We are setting aside all-day Thursday Nov. 30 and Friday morning, Dec.1, for set-up. There is a ramp on the north side of the cathedral near a new loading dock. Since less than a dozen cars may unload at any one time, a staggered schedule will be worked out with exhibitors well in advance of load in. 

 If you do not have a booth image, contact Richard to discuss.

 The jury meets in early May. Invitations will be sent shortly after jury completes its work. Agreements and payment will be due 30 days after notification of acceptance date. Accepted exhibitors will pay ZAPP directly by credit card. It is possible that there will be some openings in some categories after March 31.

However, please email  or call 845-661-1221 regarding availability or any questions?.                         

                                                                                           Tom Hayward

 Tom Hayward


Move-In & Set-Up:

Thursday, Nov. 30 :       7:30 am -   8:00 p.m.
Friday December 1:      7:30 am – 12:00 noon


Show Hours:

Friday, December 1:        12 noon-8 pm
Saturday, December 2:    10 am - 8 pm
Sunday, December 3:        1 pm -  5 pm

Breakdown/Load Out 

Sunday, December 3:        5 pm -   10:30 pm


Questions? Contact Richard 845.661.1221